No Name (nnnslogan) wrote in 3dsmax,
No Name

3D Topology

I recently retopologized a 3D model I left sitting for a long time. I had built basic human male and femal models from scratch, then used them in Mudbox to develop characters. I mushed around the features until I got the shape I wanted, but the actual geometry ends up being a mess after that, so retopology with a tool like 3D Coat seems like the smart solution.

I was making a model of the classic Iron Man armor from way back and ended up retopologizing the helmet, but now that I've been trying to piece together a new UV mapping layout, I realize I need to do the whole body. It has that same mushy quality I don't want it to have. I realize now that certain parts of the human male model I made, although adequately realistic, have terrible geometry and desperately need to be remade. The easiest way is to retopologize.

Good UV maps depend on smooth topology. If you don't have that, mapping is a nightmare.
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